animated surrealistic world 

My main artistic passion is to create surrealistic, mythological, dreamy and poetic worlds playing with and experimenting CG softwares. My imagination mostly starts by doing 2D hand-drawn illustration for character visual development. Next journey is to create a CG world and environment where my character might exist. My artistic inspirations include body, women, pains, stones, universe, and red. 

Can You Hear Me 2020

During the World War II, there were numerous girls who were kidnapped to Japanese military's "Comfort Station" and forced to work as sex slaves. They are called as "Comfort Women". CG Animation Project <Can You Hear Me> aims to deliver the victims' voices to the world through mythological and fairytale-like visuals rather than sexually sensational reproduced images. This project is supported by ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Educators Forum Scholarship. 

directing, visual development, animating, editing by Sujin Kim

Sound Design and Music by Bo Li

© 2020 by Sujin Kim