Fate, Heaven’s test for humans, often manifests in the form of tragedy. There are inevitable tragic events that occur regardless of how flawlessly we have lived. Nightmare 2013, which is one of my experimental animations, expresses a hammering of fate and humans’ response to tragedies.


A character who is running away from something unknown and dangerous on an ever-expanding yellow desert symbolizes human beings who are suffering from the power of tragic fate. Moreover, the grotesque, strange beings that the main character faces on the yellow desert represent the tragedies of human life.


The character only runs away from his tragic fate at first, but later, he shows dynamic gestures that indicate his refusal to give up, and he struggles with the pain even though he dies at the end of the story. This animation expresses not only tragedies within our lives but also human’s resistance against them.

© 2020 by Sujin Kim